Staffing & Oversight

Oversight of the SWRCC
There are multiple layers of oversight to keep the SWRCC moving in the right direction. The three City Managers provide general oversight and budget approval, while the day to day operation falls to the managing director.

The Director is responsible to interact with department heads insuring a continuity of service. This must be performed while being sensitive to the individual needs of the member agencies. Internal responsibilities of the Director include direct management of the operating budget, management of a lengthy list of service and maintenance contracts, information technology support, radio system support, and 911 phone system support.

Project management is also a major task as the SWRCC is constantly growing and expanding its service.

A standing committee the Police and Fire chiefs representing each city oversees processes and procedures which allow the SWRCC to constantly fine tune its service delivery to the changing needs of the suburban atmosphere. Additionally, periodic meetings with all department heads allow a forum for growth and understanding among public safety officials.

Currently the SWRCC employs 32 full-time personnel and operates continuously 24/7, year round. Additionally, the 29 state certified public safety dispatchers are crossed trained as emergency medical dispatchers (EMD). This EMD status assures our citizens that they can expect to receive valuable, life-saving, pre-arrival instructions when calling 911 with a medical emergency.

Our administrative staff consists of the Director, the Communications Manager, an I.T. Manager and an Administrative Assistant.  In addition, the SWRCC relies on the City of DeSoto to provide financial support in the form of payroll and purchasing, as well as human resources support and facility maintenance.