Our Technology

Zuercher Public Safety Pro Suite + Zuercher 911 Enterprise

Zuercher 911 Enterprise is a next generation 911 system brings more information to every 911 call for both dispatchers and emergency responders. By incorporating GPS geolocation as well as integrating with our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), providing critical information to our dispatchers regarding premise-related data and urgent notes to prepare our emergency responders. This allows our dispatchers to reduce call times dramatically and getting help to citizens as quickly as possible.

CLQ (Caller Location Query)

CLQ also known as Caller Location Query allows the dispatcher to send a message to your mobile phone. If you agree to share your location, emergency services will be able to track your location within 90 feet by utilizing the GPS hardware on your mobile phone.


RapidSOS integrates with our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) software with accurate location and rich emergency data. The RapidSOS platform is a nationwide location information server that allows for faster, more accurate device location from smartphones.

Premier Responder

Premier Responder is an emergency medical dispatch software that integrates within our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) software to assist dispatchers with responding to medical emergencies by utilizing questions and response criteria to triage those on the emergency call. This provides insight into the emergency as well as providing emergency responders’ time to arrive onsite.