Hearing Impaired Callers

Tips for Using a TTY to Reach 911
Persons who communicate using a TTY/TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) have equal access to 911 services. In an emergency:

  • Dial 911 and connect to TTY
  • Tap a few TTY keys – although this is not required, this activates the 911 telecommunications TTY immediately
  • Wait for 911 to answer
  • Type what help is needed: police, fire, poison, medical, etc.
  • 911 cannot receive or reply to text messages
  • Respond to the 911 dispatcher’s questions including your location, phone number, and name
  • Stay at your TTY, if safe
  • Don’t hang up until the call is completed

Non-English Speaking Callers
When a non-English speaking caller uses 911, the dispatcher has the ability to add on an interpreter through the use of language line, which offers translations in more than 140 languages.

The caller may hear a short conversation in English and some clicking sounds as an interpreter is added to the 911 call. Do not hang up, if safe to do so, until we can get your information from the interpreter.