Funding of SWRCC

The relative populations of the three member cities is remarkably similar allowing an even three way split of the cost to operate the SWRCC. However; a revisit of the cost-sharing each year assures the practice remains relevant and fair. In the future, there will likely be a disparity due to population shifts. At that time cost sharing will be adjusted accordingly.

Since our member cities are Home Rule, all 911 fees are paid directly to each member city, who in-turn channel these funds to the SWRCC to off-set operating costs of the 911 center. 911 fees are used for the sole purpose of providing 911 services, but frankly the fees alone don’t come close to covering the three million dollar SWRCC annual operating budget.

Alarm monitoring fees are an additional source of revenue. When our citizens realize the full value of this service and use it, we expect alarm monitoring fees will begin to offset a significant portion of our operating costs.