Emergency Procedures

Seconds count!
In an emergency when police, fire, or medical emergencies occur, 911 can save precious time. It can mean saving a home, property, or even a life. 

If you need immediate help from law enforcement, fire personnel, and/or emergency medical services, 911 is the most important number to know and use. Here are some general tips for using 911:

  • Dial 911 from somewhere safe – if you are calling to report a fire, get out of the burning structure before calling
  • Try to stay calm
  • Speak clearly
  • Give the 911 dispatcher your location, using an address, cross streets, or landmarks
  • Give the 911 dispatcher your phone number
  • Describe what type of help is needed:
    • Police / sheriff
    • Fire
    • EMS / ambulance
  • Stay on the line, if safe to do so, and answer all questions
  • Don’t hang up until the call is completed